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Uploading & Editing Content
Uploading & Editing Content
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Uploading Content

The content within your content library can be used within workflows or shared independently to help your team better execute their work. Content can be upload via either the web or the HINDSITE app:


To upload content on the web, navigate to content and then select add content. You can drag & drop content here or browse the files on your PC.


To upload content on the app, navigate to content and then select add content. You can capture new content to upload straight away, or select content from your devices storage.

Regardless of the device, you can select multiple pieces of content to upload at once. You will be prompted to select which workspace you'd like to save the content to and what the title of the content should be.

Uploading speed will be affected by your current internet connection quality and speed.

Editing Content

To edit content, navigate to the details view for the desired content and select the pencil icon to open the editing panel.

Here you can modify:

  • workspaces

  • title

  • description

  • association groups

  • tags

  • location

  • chapters (video only)

  • transcription (video only)

  • video length (video only)

  • image annotations (image only)


To modify the workspace/s that your content is sitting in, select the workspace dropdown and tick/untick the workspaces. Only users who have been added into these workspaces will be able to see this content.

Using Association Groups

Association groups enable you to suggest additional relevant pieces of content to users. When viewing content within an association group, the other content in that group will be displayed in the quick find panel prominently.

To create a new association group, select the first piece of content for the group, open the editing panel, and start typing the name of the new association group in the association groups field. If there isn't an existing group with the same name a create group button will appear, select this to create the group.

To add more pieces of content to an existing group, open the editing panel for the desired pieces of content and start typing the name of the association group in the association groups field. In the dropdown field that appears select the desired group.

You can remove the content from the association group by selecting the 'X' next to the group.

Using Tags

Tags enable users to quickly find content relevant to a topic by searching for them.

To create a new tag or add an existing tag to a piece of content, open the editing panel for the desired content, and start typing the tag into the add tag field. If there isn't a tag with the same name, press enter to create a new one.

You can remove a tag from content by selecting the 'x' next to the tag.

Using Locations

Locations enable users to quickly view content relevant to specific locations globally.

To place content at a particular location, open the editing panel and select the location tab. In the search field above the map enter the desired location and ensure a pin is placed on the map.

Using Video Chapters

Within video content, you can add chapters to help users find specific information.

To add or modify video chapters, open the editing panel, and select chapter.

Each chapter will need a chapter start time and a chapter name. The start time corresponds with the video timestamp for that chapter to begin. A chapter will finish when a new chapter starts or the video ends.

Using Video Transcriptions

To enable closed captions on video content, a transcription needs to be present. Transcriptions are automatically generated for every organisational language when the content is first uploaded.

You can edit the generated transcriptions by opening the editing panel, and selecting the transcription tab. Here you can edit the transcriptions text for each associated timestamp.

Using Video Editing Tools

HINDSITE has minor video snipping tools built into the platform to adjust the start and end time of uploaded content.

To snip a video, open the editing panel, and select the edit video tab. You can move the sliders to change when the video starts and ends.

Using Image Annotation Tools

HINDSITE has minor image annotation tools built into the platform to enable highlighting & calling out of important information in an image.

To annotate an image, open the editing panel, and select the edit image tab. Here, you can select a shape and colour in the top right corner and then apply that annotation onto the image.

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