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Accessing & Sharing Content
Accessing & Sharing Content
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Finding Content

HINDSITE has multiple avenues to filter and search for content within the content library.


Users are able to search for content by utilising the search bar at the top of the content library. Searching is available on the content title, description, and tags.

Workspace Filtering

Users are able to filter the content they are viewing by individual or multiple workspaces. Select the desired workspace/s from the dropdown to filter the visible content.

Content Type Filtering

Within the advanced search tools, users can select what type of content they want to see. Content type filtering is available for files, images, and videos.

Created By User Filtering

Within the advanced search tools, users can filter to only see content submitted by selected user/s.

Favourite Content

Users can favourite content for quick access at a later time.

To favourite content, on the view details page, select the heart icon .

To view favorited content, within the content library, select the favourites tab.

Viewing Content

To view a piece of content, select the content from the library and then select view details in the side panel. Here you can see the content in its fullest and all relevant information. To update the information here or access specialised editing tools, see editing content.

Sharing Content

Each piece of content has a unique link that can be shared with users to directly access that piece of content.

Accessing URL

On the contents' detail page, select the link icon . The unique link to this content will be copied to your clipboard automatically.

Accessing QR Code

On the contents' detail page, select the QR code icon . The QR code will appear, along with a download option to obtain the QR code in image format.

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