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Using Workflows & Reports
Using Workflows & Reports
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Completing A Workflow

To begin a workflow, simply select Start. You'll be prompted to choose a workspace where you would like to save the finished workflow report.

Follow the steps of the workflow, and select Finish to finalise and upload your data. The finished workflow report will be available momentarily under the Completed Workflow tab.

When you have completed your workflow, you can also add comments to steps in the report to add further information. Visit the Completed Workflow tab, and select a report to view. By clicking add comment, you can enter information into the text box, which will be saved with your name and date.

Switching Between Form View & Step View

To switch between Form View & Step View, select the ellipses menu and choose the option available to you.

Using Workflows Offline


To download a workflow for offline use, tap on the workflow title (not the start button) to bring up the options panel. Here you can select download for offline use, which will start downloading the workflow. Downloading workflows is only available in the app.

Once a workflow has been downloaded, a green icon will appear next to it in the list.

Checking For Updates & Deleting

If you have workflows downloaded to your device, the HINDSITE app will periodically check to ensure the latest version is available. To manually check you have the latest version of a downloaded workflow, you can select the workflow (not the start button) and press check for updates. You can also delete a downloaded workflow here by selecting remove download.

Workflow Reports

When a workflow is completed, a report is generated that summarises the actions or data captured during the process.

Viewing & Sharing

You can view reports from the completed workflow tab on the Workflows page. This will display completed workflows in reverse chronological order, however you can use the search bar to quickly find specific completed reports.

If the workflow was within a work set, you can view the report by opening the work set and selecting view report.

There are multiple ways to share the completed workflow report:

  • Share with existing HINDSITE users via an email link using the Share button.

  • Export the report to PDF for sharing with external users

The PDF report can also contain your organisations logo, see Manage Workflow Report Logo for further details.

PDF Report Types

When exporting a workflow report to PDF, there are two ways of cosmetically customising the reports:

  • Compact

  • Expanded

Report export type is set on a workflow-by-workflow basis, and if changed can affect previously completed workflows. To change the current report export type, see Compact Report vs Expanded Report.


Compact reports will reduce the amount of space data occupies in the report by utilising a table structure. Compact reports take advantage of sections to separate out distinct pieces of data.


Expanded reports will create a 'traditional' report style by presenting data in a fluid structure.

Report Approvals

You can view a reports approval history by viewing the report and selecting approvals. From here you can also approve or unapprove the report.

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