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Step groups are a great way to reuse and manage the same sub-process or task across multiple workflows.

Creating A Step Group

To create a step group, on the workflows page, select the step groups tab. Then, select add step group.

You'll be taken to the step group builder and are able to utilise all step tools from the workflow builder.

For more information on how to use these tools, visit Creating & Customising Steps.

Terminals In Step Groups

Terminals within a step group work differently to workflow terminals.

A terminal within a step group designates the end of the step group, but not the end of the workflow. Terminals are required for all branching pathways before the step group can be published. The publish button will be greyed out if a terminal is missing within the step group.

Once you have finished creating the step group, select the publish button to make your step group available to be included within workflows.

Editing & Managing Step Groups

Editing Step Groups

To make changes or update a step group, select edit on the step group to enter the step group builder. Visit Creating & Customising Steps for more information on how to use the tools available. Ensure you select publish once you are ready for the changes to be visible.

Archiving Step Groups

You can archive a step group by selecting edit on the step group and selecting archive from the ellipses menu.

By archiving a step group, users won't see the step group within workflows and a new step group will need to be selected within the relevant workflow/s.

Unarchiving Step Groups

You can unarchive step groups by selecting show archived on the step groups tab. This will display a list of step groups that have been archived, you can select unarchive to make the step group available again.

Using Step Groups

Step groups can be added to multiple workflows, see Adding A Step Group. When executing a workflow, the steps from the workflow and step group will be merged together seamlessly so that the user sees no difference.

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