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Using Projects
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Projects Overview

A project allows for the grouping of work sets together in one location. By using projects, you are able to see at a glance how the work (comprised of multiple work sets) is progressing whilst keeping all reports together once the work is completed.

Creating Projects

To create a new project, select create new project from the projects page.

When opening a project, you can see at a glance:

  • the overall progress of the work

  • which activities have been completed/are still to be completed

  • time taken to execute the work

  • and who has participated in the work sets

Users are able to open work sets to view more detail.

Adding Work Sets

After creating the project, you can add in existing worksets. To do this, on the web scroll to the bottom of the project and select an active work set from the dropdown (work sets cannot be started from a project).

Completing Projects

Projects are automatically marked as 'completed' once all work sets within them have been themselves marked as complete. You can manually complete a project, even if all work sets are not completed, by selecting mark as completed.

Once a project has been completed, it will be moved to the completed projects tab.

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