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Calling Users
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Calling users in HINDSITE features many of the expected functions of a calling platform, with the added bonus of automatically creating videos for your content library. All calls in HINDSITE are automatically saved for future knowledge sharing opportunities.

Users can call others via their browser or on the HINDSITE mobile app. Users can accept a call from either platform as well, regardless of where the call originates from.

Calling Another User

Navigate to the calls page (calls -> contacts on web) and search for the desired user. Then, select the call button beneath their name to start a call.

Starting A Group Call

Navigate to the calls page (calls -> contacts on web) and select the group call button. Then, select each user you would like to invite to the group call. Once you've selected all users, make sure to start the call by pressing the phone.

Scheduling A Call

You can create a unique calling link to share with other users for a call that is scheduled in the future.

Navigate to the calls page (calls -> contacts on web) and select schedule call. The unique link will be automatically copied to your clipboard and you can share it with others to join when scheduled.

Viewing Previous Call Recordings

Calls in HINDSITE are automatically recorded to allow you to review the call or create content.

Viewing call recordings is unavailable on the app (web only).

Navigate to calls -> call history. Here you can see a history of all calls you've participated in.

If you are an organisational administrator, you'll also be able to see recordings for all calls within your organisation. To see all call recordings within your organisation, toggle on show all calls.

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