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Get the most out of HINDSITE when browsing content
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When browsing the content page, there are multiple options to refine your search.

By default, the content page shows all content, but you can also browse by recent, favourites and search terms. There is also a map view to find content in particular locations.

Using the Advanced Search tool on the Content page allows you to filter by:

  • Search term

  • Content type (file, image, video)

  • Workspace

  • User who created the content

  • Include/exclude calls between users

These filters can be used in any combination to narrow your search.

When viewing a particular piece of content, you can also view further information about the item, such as location data and transcription details. You can also favourite videos to return to them quickly later. From this page you can also generate a QR code for a specific piece of content to quickly share with other HINDSITE users.

For more information check out our tutorial below:

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