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Get content from your device onto HINDSITE
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Uploading content to HINDSITE is a quick and seamless experience. You can upload content from the dashboard or content page by simply clicking the add content button. Depending on the device you're using, there a few different options:

  • From a desktop device, you will be able to choose a file using the native file explorer on your operating system.

  • From a mobile device, you can select existing content from your camera roll to upload. You also have the option to use the camera in the HINDSITE app, making it easier by automatically uploading to your account. Note: this uploads directly into HINDSITE, but will also duplicate content to your camera roll.

  • The Realwear device will automatically upload any content you create while connected to the internet, when you choose to 'Send' after capturing. If offline, these will be stored on the device until you reconnect to the internet.

    Note: when you logout of your Realwear device, any stored content is removed from the device - ensure your content is uploaded by checking 'Content to upload' on the main menu. If it shows 0 items to upload, it means all your items have safely made it to your account.

For all methods of uploading, you will need to name and choose the workspace where this content will be available. If applicable, select multiple workspaces from the workspace selector to share with more teams.

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