For users accessing HINDSITE via a Realwear device only, you can access workflow content offline using the internal storage on your device.

While connected to a network, access the workflows menu on the Realwear device and choose to Download the applicable workflow. This workflow will now be accessible on this Realwear device, even when a network connection is no longer available.

To upload your completed data, you will need to reconnect to a network once available. You can confirm your content has been uploaded from the main menu. Check that the Content to Upload tag shows zero remaining items. If you still have items to upload you can force upload by selecting them here.

After completing, you can remove the saved workflow from your Realwear device.

Currently, offline workflows are not available in the mobile app or web browser.

Remember, any content must be uploaded before logging out of your Realwear device - the device memory is wiped after each user.

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