To build a workflow, you must have administrator permissions for your HINDSITE account. To get started, select Add workflow from the workflows page.

The workflow builder is a dynamic flowchart tool that helps you design your workflow by breaking it into individual steps. There are a number of types of steps you can add to your workflow:

  • Instruction provide direction to your user on what needs to be done. This step does not require an input from the user.

  • Decision requires the user to make a choice from available options, and select their decision. When designing the workflow, you can label the choice types as appropriate, with the ability to add up to six choices for the end user.

  • Action requires the user to input data in order to continue. This may be uploading a photo/video or entering text or numbers.

  • Terminal is the designated end to your workflow.

When using any of the step types, you may attach content that the user can review as supporting material. For example, a video demonstrating how to complete the activity described in an instruction step.

When finished, be sure to give it a name to help your team find it. Once you've added all your steps, Use the workspace selector to choose who this will be available for - you can choose multiple workspaces if applicable.

Select Publish to share the workflow with your organisation.

For more information check out our tutorial below:

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