After your login

1. Proceed to the Hindsite Menu – Ensure you have selected the correct Organisation/Workspace.


2. Say "MAKE CALL".

3. Online users will appear first.

You can navigate saying "NEXT PAGE" or "PREV PAGE".


4. Say the "Username" to initiate a call, check if the user is online.


5. When making a call you can take a screen shot during the call, by saying “SCREEN SHOT”. You can take as many screen shots as you like. The image recorded is what you see in your Viewer. AFTER the call, the Screenshot(s) images will be automatically uploaded to your HINDSITE Organisation/Workspace.


6. Say “SWAP CAMERA” to see other callers if they have video or if they are sharing their screen.

7. To finish the call just say "DISCONNECT CALL".

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