After your login

1. Say "TAKE PHOTO" and the system will seek to acquire your location.


2. If your location can not be acquired then say “YES” to manual location editing in Dashboard


3. Look at the image you would like to take a photo and say "TAKE PHOTO".

NOTE: Change photo zoom by saying appropriate zoom level, e.g Say “ZOOM LEVEL 3”.

4. Add Tag by saying “TAG”.


5. Say the word or phrase you would like to add as a Tag to your photo content.


6. When happy with your tag say “ACCEPT” else say “RESTART” or “NAVIGATE BACK” to not add a tag.

7. Check if the image is fine for you and you would like to Save the photo Say SEND". The photo will be automatically shared on your HINDSITE platform.


8. If you did not like the photo say "CANCEL" and it will return to the HINDSITE Menu.

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